The Holy Spirit’s Toolbox

I have a drill. Actually, I have six drills … I think. Two of them do not work. I won’t say what brand they are. What do my drills do, at least the ones that work? They drill holes. They drive screws. Occasionally they do a few other things. I also have at least five… Read More ›

This Is My Body; This Is My Blood

The tired, but excited band of friends sat down for the biggest meal of the year. It had been a crazy week. The city was filled with visitors from all over the country, and not a few of them were talking about Jesus. People had been wondering if Jesus might be the Messiah, and now… Read More ›


“Pastor, right before we receive the Lord’s Supper, you always read those instructions about receiving the Sacrament in a worthy manner. Why do you do that? How could we ever be worthy?” This is a great question. I have heard it in various forms, and if a few of you have asked me about it,… Read More ›