Sometimes I say something in a sermon where, on further reflection, I think to myself, I didn’t explain that very well. This happened recently in the sermon about blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). Commenting on the simple fact that we know his name, his father’s name, where he was from, and where he used to sit… Read More ›

The Sea and Its Limits

Chaos is a particularly terrifying form of evil. It is, by definition, unpredictable. And that’s what makes it so unbearable. You have no idea what will happen next. Chaos could be anything from a house full of hyper children to a global pandemic. You would rather know what is going to happen next, even if… Read More ›

The God Who Suffers

Our world is suffering. People are dying (though that’s nothing new). People are dying alone. Our region hasn’t seen the “newsworthy” tragedy seen in other parts of the nation and world. But our tragedies are still just as real. We’re suffering loneliness and fear as many are forced to sit at home alone and wonder… Read More ›

Why Did God Allow the Fall into Sin?

Why did God allow the fall into sin? And why did God create the world, knowing that his perfect creation would soon be corrupted? The entire Bible is the story of God’s work to restore his fallen creation. Through much pain and suffering on his part, climaxing with the crucifixion of Jesus, God has been… Read More ›