Devil Worship

I have a neighbor who likes to talk. Occasionally I see him and greet him across the fence. Sometimes it’s just to see how he’s doing. Sometimes it’s because I’m concerned about a tree branch. First I ask him how he’s doing. Then he tells me his political views. Regardless of the level of government… Read More ›

The Fear of Death

While on vacation this summer, I helped my parents put new siding on their house. The worst part was the chase around the chimney. It was (of course) on the tall side of the house, and it intersected with the roofline. So I was standing on three levels of scaffolding, swaying in the wind, and… Read More ›

Home Worship

What now? After ten weeks of meeting online for services, we’ve opened our doors for in-person services again. June 28 is “The Fifth Sunday of Reopening.” It’s been refreshing for me to see faces of Trinity again. Of course, many are still watching at home via the live stream, and that’s good. Our intention in… Read More ›

Pandemic in Light of the Ten Commandments

I’ve been thinking of doing a sermon series on pandemics in light of the Ten Commandments. I don’t do many sermon series. Aside from Lenten services, I think I have only done one series for Sunday mornings. Otherwise I’ve stuck to the lectionary readings. But, occasionally, something comes up that needs direct attention. Our current… Read More ›

The Sea and Its Limits

Chaos is a particularly terrifying form of evil. It is, by definition, unpredictable. And that’s what makes it so unbearable. You have no idea what will happen next. Chaos could be anything from a house full of hyper children to a global pandemic. You would rather know what is going to happen next, even if… Read More ›

The God Who Suffers

Our world is suffering. People are dying (though that’s nothing new). People are dying alone. Our region hasn’t seen the “newsworthy” tragedy seen in other parts of the nation and world. But our tragedies are still just as real. We’re suffering loneliness and fear as many are forced to sit at home alone and wonder… Read More ›

Tips for Attending Church Online

1) Get ready for church, just as you normally do. Take a shower, put on a nice shirt, etc. You can skip the “We’re going to be late” panic. 2) Go to our website early (about 10:00 instead of 10:30) so you can download the bulletin, print it if you like a paper copy, and… Read More ›

A Coronavirus Reading List

Do you suddenly have some extra time on your hands? Don’t spend it staring at your screen reading every last opinion piece. That’s not healthy. And don’t spend it binge watching mediocre TV shows. Read a good book! Here are some of my recommendations. Some of these are in the church library. Most you would… Read More ›

Trust Not In Pastors

“Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation” (Ps. 146:3). “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man” (Ps. 118:8). In 303 ad the Roman Emperor Diocletian unleashed an aggressive campaign of persecution against the Christian Church. And by “aggressive… Read More ›