Feelings, Reality, and Jesus

Is what we feel real? We live in a world where feelings reign supreme. And why not? Our feelings are the closest thing to us. Oftentimes, our perception of reality is more important to us than the actual reality. If you are in a cold room, you don’t really care unless you feel cold. Usually… Read More ›

The Cost of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is expensive. Now that might sound a bit strange, especially to Christian ears. We might think, “Wait a minute! God’s forgiveness is free! If we have to do something or give something in order to earn it, then it’s not really forgiveness.” And this is true. Forgiveness is always free … for the person… Read More ›

History and Forgiveness

I have a question for you. It might seem like an odd question. It might even seem trivial. But there’s a point, so stay with me. Here it is: Can you go back in time and pull Jesus off the cross? Can you build a time machine, travel back in time, and somehow prevent Jesus… Read More ›

On Vocation and Evangelism

When I was in high school I felt a profound burden to tell my friends about Jesus. I didn’t really know if they were Christians. Maybe they were; maybe not. I didn’t really know because we didn’t really talk about it. I wanted to, but there was always something blocking me. Even random strangers—people you… Read More ›

Let’s Not Talk about the Issue

Let’s Not Talk about the Issue

Let’s not talk about the issue. You know what I’m talking about—that theological, political, or social issue that causes your heart to accelerate the blood through your arteries faster and faster, because you need all the strength your body can muster to squash your opponent like a bug. It’s that issue where you’re right, and… Read More ›

Gracious Beyond Measure

What does God’s grace do for us? Recently I heard another pastor describe God’s grace as if it makes up for our lack of good works. The idea is that we do what we can, and God does the rest. He told the admittedly fictional story of a man who died and stood before St…. Read More ›

God in a Box

“I think you’re putting God in a box,” said the person sitting across the table. This was supposed to be the trump card. We were talking about some Christian author and her claim that God speaks to her. I hadn’t read the books—they’re intended for women—but I’ve heard the same claim from countless pastors and… Read More ›

The Problem of Evil Is a Changeup

The Problem of Evil Is a Changeup

Baseball season is upon us. That means I will quickly spend my yearly allowance of baseball illustrations. For those of you who know baseball, you have permission to just think of Johan Santana and skip down a few paragraphs. But let’s face it, you’re going to keep reading, because … baseball. A changeup is a… Read More ›

The Ten Words

During the middle five Wednesdays of Lent—between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week—we are considering the Ten Commandments at evening services. If we can average two per week, we’ll make it. But on the first Wednesday (February 21), we didn’t even get past the First Commandment. Part of that is because the First Commandment is, by… Read More ›

How Do We Know the Bible Is True?

How do we know the Bible is true? Take a moment and think about that before you keep reading. How do we know the Bible is true? How would you answer that question when your neighbor asks you? How about when your kids or grandkids come home from college and tell you what they heard… Read More ›