Is Scripture Enough?

Is Scripture sufficient? Is it enough for us? Man has always been tempted to search for God on our own terms, rather than to seek him where he has promised to be. God has revealed himself in the Holy Scriptures. Do we believe this is enough? The mere fact that God has revealed himself there… Read More ›

God in a Box

“I think you’re putting God in a box,” said the person sitting across the table. This was supposed to be the trump card. We were talking about some Christian author and her claim that God speaks to her. I hadn’t read the books—they’re intended for women—but I’ve heard the same claim from countless pastors and… Read More ›

The Word in Worship

There is perhaps nothing more necessary in Christian worship than the Word of God. As we continue to look at what worship is, and why we do the specific things we do, we need to take a look at the Word of God. Worship (as we talked about at the beginning of this series) is… Read More ›