Jesus Is the Way

May 10, 2020

Bible Text: John 14:1-14 |

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Upcoming Events

Monday, 6:30 pm: Church council meeting at church.

Wednesday, 7:00 pm: Hebrews Bible Study (Zoom).

Sunday, 10:00 am: Sunday School for children (Zoom).

Sunday, 10:30 am: Divine Worship (live stream).


Pastor Antal is continuing regular office hours (approximately 9-5, Tuesday-Friday). Call ahead if you wish to be certain to catch him.

Holy Communion is available by appointment. Contact Pastor Antal to schedule an appointment for you or your family.

If you are aware of anyone who does not have internet access and would like a CD or DVD of our worship services, please contact pastor Antal.

If you are in need of assistance during this time, or if you know of any members of Trinity who are, please contact Pastor Antal or one of the deacons. This is an important time to take care of our own.

You may check out a hymnal (or hymnals) from the church to use during this time. Simply sign your name on the sheet and the number of hymnals borrowed. If you do not have a key, you may come during pastor's office hours.

Micah Blake, a senior at the Free Lutheran Bible College, is planning to transfer to UND next fall and is looking for a room to rent. For more information, contact Pastor Antal.

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17 thoughts on “Jesus Is the Way

  1. It’s very good to gather together with my Trinity brothers and sisters. It’s also nice to hear Kathryn’s playing. I recognize when it’s one of our people and when it’s music from the internet. Thanks.

  2. Good morning from the Taylor family! Happy Mother’s Day.
    Thank you Larson’s and Berge’s for sharing your smiles and hearts with us all today.

  3. Thank you Dan for your dedication and service to us. God uses you well! Thank you to the Larsons and the Berges. How were the brownies? (not the first ones!) I truly do miss all of our Trinity family.

  4. Good Morning everyone, hAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all Mothers and thank you for the message and the special music.

  5. Thanks so much Micah, Johannes and Daniel. I was happy to see your faces!
    Thanks so much also to Frieda, Ruby, and Hattie. I was happy to see and hear you! I would like you to teach me that song.
    Thank you Pastor Dan for making it plain!

  6. Alleluia Christ is risen.
    I hope all Trinity Free members are finding the things we need to be thankful for, both small and great.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!
    God bless us all through the trials of life.

  7. Happy Mothers Day from the Antals! I’m apologize that our connection crashed at the end. I’m thankful, at least, that it didn’t happen earlier.

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